6 advantages of an oval yoga mat

Advantage of an oval yoga mat

Yoga is a wonderful way to strengthen and harmonize body, mind and soul. A good yoga mat is an important basis for having fun and enjoying your yoga practice. There are different types of yoga mats on the market, including oval yoga mats. In this article, we will focus on the specific benefits of oval yoga mats that relate to the principles of feng shui and energy work.

1. An oval yoga mat allows your energy to flow more freely
In Chinese energy theory, it is assumed that energy (also called chi) flows through the body. An oval yoga mat supports this flow of energy by encouraging the natural movement of energy in the body. Because the oval shape has no hard corners or edges, energy can flow more freely and the body can more easily relax and recharge

2. An oval yoga mat corresponds to the Feng Shui approach
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese teaching that deals with the harmonization of rooms and living environments. An oval yoga mat can help integrate the principles of feng shui into yoga practice. The oval shape can help harmonize the chi in the room and balance the energy of the room.

3. An oval yoga mat has a harmonizing effect
An oval yoga mat has a harmonizing effect on the body and mind due to its shape. Round shapes can create a soft and soothing atmosphere and relax the senses. This can help calm the mind and make the yoga practice even more comfortable.

4. An oval yoga mat is based on the shapes found in nature
The oval yoga mat is based on the shapes of nature. Round shapes are common in nature, such as stones, leaves, and shells. These forms have a particularly relaxing effect on the eye and also strengthen the connection to nature and thus our inner contentment.

5. An oval yoga mat strengthens your aura
An oval yoga mat can also help strengthen your aura. The aura is the energetic field around the body. The goal of every yoga class is to strengthen this energy field. Since our energy field also forms an oval shape around us, we feel particularly comfortable on an oval yoga mat and emerge from our yoga practice much more energized.

6. An oval yoga mat supports your feminine qualities
The oval shape of the yoga mat can also help to strengthen your feminine qualities. These include intuition, creativity, surrender and letting go, healing, enjoying and relaxing and many more beautiful qualities.
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