High-tech fibre

A really good aerial yoga hammock is made of 100% nylon fabric. It’s a particularly tear-resistant, high-tech fiber rather than a cheap, crinkly parachute fabric. Of course, cotton fiber would be nice, but it doesn't offer nearly the safety features we need for Aerial Yoga. For example, a cotton sheet could tear during an upside-down pose and seriously injure the practitioner.


A good erial Yoga hammock is only cross elastic. It doesn't bounce in the hanging direction. Thus, it doesn’t have a bungee cord effect. We can do inversions without hitting our head on the ground. Cheap Aerial Yoga hammocks are often stretchable in both directions because it is much cheaper to produce. In addition, the Aerial Yoga hammock should't be too thin. You should be able to grip it well with your hands. Our Aerial Yoga hammocks have the optimal features.


A good Aerial Yoga hammock should be extremely durable so that you can practice safely and have a lot of fun. Our Aerial Yoga hammocks can carry over 500 kg and are suitable for up to 2 people. You’re asking yourself why not more? The hook at the ceiling is the limiting factor.


What also makes our Aerial Yoga hammocks special is the extra width of almost 3 meters. If you know a little bit about fabrics, you may know that excess widths start at 1.40 meters (e.g. bedding). There are very few sewing machines in the world that can produce an overwidth of almost 3 meters without a seam in the middle. These machines are extremely precise, since there must be no defect in the material, such as a running stitch. Safety is top priority here. Hence, a good Aerial Yoga hammock has a corresponding price.


We manufacture our Aerial Yoga hammocks in our own production. Our fabrics are REACH certified, free from harmful substances, and don’t smell like toxic chemicals. Our Aerial Yoga hammocks are also manufactured according to OEKO TEX standards. However, we decided not to promote this because the annual costs for the OEKO TEX certificate amount to a five-digit sum. We prefer to invest this amount for good causes.

TÜV tested

We have discussed for a long time with the TÜV how we can have our Aerial Yoga hammocks tested. Unfortunately, no reliable test is possible according to the statements of the TÜV test centers, because the TÜV does not have a traction machine that could clamp a fabric with a width of almost 3 meters. We would therefore recommend taking all existing certificates of other manufacturers with caution.


In addition to a good aerial yoga hammock, the accessories, i.e. binding slings, carabiners and daisy chains for extension, are particularly important. These should come from mountain sports supplies and be tested according to CE/EN criteria. This is indeed the case with our Aerial Yoga equipment.

Experience & Trust

Since you trust your entire body weight to an aerial hammock, we recommend you to only buy from manufacturers who have experience with aerial yoga and use their hammocks themselves. We are Aerial Yoga teachers with heart and soul for years "on the market". We think the term "on the market" doesn't really fit yoga. However, in fact we do know exactly what is important. We teach ourselves with our Aerial Yoga silks. We get great feedback from our Aerial Yogi*nis who practice with us, as well as from the many clients and yoga studios, fitness centers, hotels, theaters who use our Aerial Yoga hammocks. This fills us with great joy and gratitude and confirms us in what we do.

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