Oval yoga mats

The oval yoga mat: Love, Peace, Style & Harmony for your yoga practice

Our oval shaped yoga mats are the result of a project close to our hearts. They are not just a tool for your yoga practice. Our surfboard style yoga mats are also a source of inspiration that will add an aesthetic touch to your home and inspire your spirit. Of course, they are also suitable. You can use them ar home, in yoga studios and ensure joy and well-being everywhere you go.

Our oval yoga mats - well-known from:

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Oval yoga mats - our sustainable heart project!

“Let me tell you about a passion project that was born in the midst of the pandemic, when we increasingly rolled out our yoga mats in our own homes. As a passionate yogini and yoga teacher, I was tired of constantly having to put away my yoga mat. I wanted a yoga mat that was not only functional but also stylish and inspiring - a yoga mat that would fit into my home, like a cool bike or surfboard on the wall. This longing gave rise to the idea of ​​an oval yoga mat in the shape of a surfboard.”
(O-tone from Janika , founder of Yogalaxy)

Our oval yoga mats are not only exceptionally beautiful, but also follow the principles of Feng Shui and energy flow. They are of course manufactured according to ethical standards, as well as from sustainable rubber and recycled plastic bottles. The oval yoga mats are just as functional and non-slip as rectangular yoga mats. They are free of harmful chemicals. When you choose Yogalaxy's mats, you will receive a unique, oval shaped yoga mat that will take your yoga practice to the next level. Because:

1. The oval yoga mat allows energy to flow more freely: In Chinese energy theory, the flow of energy, also known as chi, plays a central role. The oval yoga mat promotes this natural flow because its shape has no hard corners or edges. Your energy can circulate unhindered, which leads to more vitality and pleasant relaxation.

2. The oval yoga mat corresponds to the Feng Shui and harmony teachings: Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of spatial harmony. The oval shape of the Yogalaxy yoga mat helps to harmonize the energy in the room and create a balanced atmosphere. So you can unroll your yoga mat at home and leave it lying there.

3. The oval yoga mat is inspired by nature: nothing in nature has four equal corners. So why should our yoga mat be rectangular, hard and angular? Organic shapes like the oval naturally appeal to us much more. They are not only aesthetically beautiful, but have been proven to promote inner satisfaction and mental strength.

4. The oval yoga mat strengthens your aura: Our aura is the energetic field that surrounds our body. It is, oh wonder, an oval! An oval yoga mat can help to specifically strengthen this energy field and increase our well-being. That's exactly what we want to achieve with our yoga practice.

5. The oval yoga mat supports feminine qualities: The oval yoga mats help to strengthen the feminine qualities in us. These include, for example, intuition, creativity, devotion and letting go. By the way: Feminine qualities are present in each of us, regardless of gender. In our western world, which is often oriented towards analytical, masculine behavior, the oval shape of the yoga mat is an excellent tool for balancing the polar energies (male-female).

6. The oval yoga mat supports you in finding your true, unique and beautiful self: With an oval yoga mat you can make a statement that supports you in breaking out of the classical, linear structures. The oval yoga mat will literally help you think and act “out of the box”.

Do you like the idea of ​​the oval yoga mat from Yogalaxy? Then we look forward to your yoga mat order. You can test it worry-free for 30 days. If you have any questions, please send us an email to: info@yogalaxy.de.

We at Yogalaxy

Being healthy, happy and free are the values that motivate us at Yogalaxy® and that we want to bring into the world. That is why we love and live the mantra Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. It means, "May all living beings be happy and free."

Aerial Yoga Partnerwork Yogalaxy
Yogalaxy Founder
Janika Staats

Janika has loved and taught yoga for over 10 years. She says: "Yoga is more than asana practice. It is a lifestyle, a guide to a happy, balanced life. With the help of our yoga and aerial yoga classes and our Yogalaxy products, our yogis can immerse themselves directly into another world and leave worries and stress behind."

The oval yoga mat is the new must-have!

Style Matters: Your oval yoga mat makes a statement. With its stylish design, it inspires you and others and brings an extra dose of joy into your practice. You can also unroll the yoga mat at home and leave it lying there. It looks as cool as the bike or surfboard on the wall.

Supergrip: Thanks to the special surfaces (PU and microfiber), the oval yoga mat offers maximum slip resistance for safe and stable practice. With its PU surface, the black yoga mat is particularly suitable for people with dry hands. We recommend the beige and rainbow-colored yoga mat with a microfiber surface for people with slightly sweaty hands.

Size: The oval yoga mat measures 200 x 68 cm. It is therefore slightly longer and wider than classic, rectangular yoga mats and offers you plenty of space for your yoga practice.

Easy to go thanks to the carrying strap: No matter whether you take your yoga mat with you to the studio, park or beach - it is very light at 2 kg and easy to transport thanks to the free carrying strap.

Comfort: With its thickness of 3 mm, the oval yoga mat offers optimal stability and comfortable cushioning, which is gentle on the joints and spine.

Environmentally friendly action: For environmentally conscious yogis, the oval yoga mat is a dream. It is made from sustainable rubber and recycled PET bottles. It is also produced fairly and vegan.

Easy to care for: The oval yoga mat is very easy to clean, so you have more time for the essentials. You can even wash the yoga mats with microfiber surfaces in the washing machine.

Shipping: Shipping is quick and is CO2-neutral in sustainable grass fiber boxes. By the way, you don't pay any shipping costs within Germany.

And? Are you now in the mood for yoga with style and that extra flair? Then order the oval yoga mat from Yogalaxy! Believe us, the oval yoga mat is just sooo much nicer and cooler than the classic, rectangular yoga mats and at least as functional. No more 08/15! Make your yoga practice even more rounded and get even more energy, flow and pure joy from your yoga practice with the oval yoga mat. Get on board and float through your yoga asanas!