Here you can find complete instructions for tying your Aerial Yoga hammock.

The anchor hooks should be placed with a distance of about 35-50 cm (shoulder width). The closer together the swing hooks are, the more enclosed you feel in the hammock. Of course, the suspension on only one hook is also possible. In this variant, the aerial yoga hammock rotates more.

Für Thai & Fly Yoga (massages in the hammock) it is useful to place the anchor hooks a little further apart so that the masseur can better reach into the hammock.

For private use, anchor or hammock hooks from hardware stores are suitable. The hook length should be 160mm and the diameter more than 10mm. The cost lies between 3,- and 10,- Euro. Please clarify your ceiling material beforehand: Concrete or load-bearing wooden beam. For use with concrete, you also need suitable dowels. Here, we recommend the brand Fischer. If you install the swing hooks in load-bearing wooden beams, you do not need any dowels. Here, the anchor hooks are screwed directly into the wood.

IMPORTANT: The anchor hooks must always be screwed very deeply into the ceiling/beam. In no case may the screw thread peek out, otherwise there is a risk of breaking off.

Our Aerial Yoga hammocks are machine washable at 30 degrees with delicates.

Use normal color detergent without fabric softener.

Untie all knots and remove the accessory materials before washing, .

Always wash only one hammock per wash cycle. This way you avoid staining or discoloration of the hammock.

The Aerial Yoga cloth dries very quickly. You can also briefly put it in the dryer at low heat.

Do not re-tie the cloth until it is completely dry.

Our tip: Wash your Aerial Yoga hammock at 30 degrees delicates.


We ship our goods to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all other European countries.

As soon as we have received your payment, your order will be shipped. Our warehouse is located in Germany. Therefore, delivery throughout Germany is usually very fast. It takes about 1-2 days.

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