What can you do with the Aerial Yoga hammock? Our Aerial Yoga hammocks are true all-rounders. You can use the hammock as a multifunctional aerial yoga hammock, swing, as well as a sports and relaxation hammock. You succeed with: Inverted postures, stretches, flying and hanging yoga positions, full body workouts, calisthenics, free swinging, weightless lying and relaxing, power naps, aerial massages, functional suspension training and much more.

What qualities can you practice with the aerial yoga hammock? Letting go, trusting, surrendering, being a child, mobility, strength and coordination, flexibility, balance, equilibrium, expansion and decompression of the spine, releasing tension, strengthening the cardiovascular system, acupressure.

Who uses our Aerial Yoga hammocks? Our Aerial Yoga hammocks are used throughout Europe by many yogis and private individuals, as well as yoga studios, fitness centers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, government institutions, theaters, television formats, etc.

How quickly can I get my Aerial Yoga hammock? Our warehouse is located in Germany. Therefore, the shipping goes in a jiffy. Typically, your aerial yoga hammock will be with you within 1-3 business days after receipt of payment. To other EU countries it takes about 5-10 days. Our friends from Cologne can also pick up the hammock on site.

How do I hang up the Aerial Yoga hammock? Pictures say more than 1000 words...

How far apart should be the anchor hooks on the ceiling?
My hammock has small mini holes on the sides, what does that mean?

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