Angebote für Mengenrabatte für Aerial Yoga Tücher für Yogastudios
Bulk Orders and Discounts for Yoga Studios and Wholesale

Aerial Yoga Hammocks
& Oval Yoga Mats

Our Aerial Yoga Studio and B2B offers

We are your partner for aerial yoga and other innovative yoga products. With our focus on quality, product safety and customer satisfaction, we not only offer high-quality products, but also attractive B2B discounts for yoga studios and business customers. We are also happy to advise yoga and aerial yoga studios and those who want to become one. We have been teaching yoga and aerial yoga for over 10 years and are therefore particularly knowledgeable. Let's make even more people happy with yoga and aerial yoga together.

Let's grow together

We look forward to working with yoga and fitness studios, theaters, kindergartens and much more who share our values ​​for sustainability and quality. Of course, we offer discounts for larger orders. You can find these below. The discounts are automatically deducted by specifying the appropriate code in the ordering process.

Our discount codes

5-9 hammocks & mats: -15%
10-19 hammocks & mats: -20%
≥ 20 hammocks & mats: -25%

Please use the appropriate discount code in the ordering process.

For yoga teachers, we offer a 10% discount on individual orders after sending your certificate.

Resellers & Wholesale

Are you interested in high-quality aerial yoga hammocks and oval yoga mats for your range in your own shop or stationary retailer? Great, because with our products you can enrich your offering and delight your customers with innovative yoga equipment. Contact us now for special conditions and further information at:

We at Yogalaxy

Being healthy, happy and free are the values that motivate us at Yogalaxy® and that we want to bring into the world. That is why we love and live the mantra Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. It means, "May all living beings be happy and free."

Aerial Yoga Partnerwork Yogalaxy
Yogalaxy Founder
Janika Staats

Janika has loved and taught yoga for over 10 years. She says: "Yoga is more than asana practice. It is a lifestyle, a guide to a happy, balanced life. With the help of our yoga and aerial yoga courses and the Yogalaxy products, our yogis can immerse themselves directly in another world and leave stress and worries behind."