Aerial Yoga is a fascinating way to experience yoga in a new way. It moves the classic yoga asanas into the air. With the help of an oversized cloth hanging from the ceiling, we practice yoga floating in the cloth. This means that you can completely transfer your body weight to the aerial yoga cloth. Gravity becomes your friend and supports you in the yoga asanas. Advanced positions that are difficult on the ground can be mastered playfully in the sling. You experience a feeling of weightlessness and gain the possibility to move multidimensionally in space.

The Aerial Yoga hammock becomes your flight and training partner, lovingly providing you with support and stability. But like any good training partner, the hammock will also challenge you at times - especially when it comes to postures, balance, strength and acrobatics. The swinging and swaying adds a big dose of fun.

Inversions in the Aerial Yoga hammock

Another special feature of Aerial Yoga are the so-called "inverted postures". Here, the body hangs upside down in the aerial yoga cloth. Yogis say that inverted postures have a rejuvenating, life-prolonging effect. All organs are freed from their usual position and many blockages, waste products and tensions are released.

Aerial Yoga is also known as Antigravity Yoga, Flying Yoga, Aerial Yoga or Swing Yoga. In summary, it combines classical yoga asanas with figures from hammock- and circus-acrobatics as well as elements from the AcroYoga (partner yoga).

Positive effects of Aerial Yoga practice

  • Strengthening of the entire musculature
  • Increase of physical flexibility and stretchability
  • Stretching and relief of the spine and joints
  • Training of the sense of balance and conscious experience
  • Purification and acupressure
  • Fun in connection with swinging, rocking and flying
  • Learning to let go and release control compulsions
  • Discovering a new and balanced body feeling
  • Deep and long lasting relaxation in the Aerial Yoga hammock