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Aerial yoga, also known as aerial yoga or flying yoga, is gaining popularity worldwide. A crucial component of this fascinating style of yoga in the air is the aerial yoga hammock. Properly selecting a high-quality drape is crucial for a safe and comfortable experience during practice. In this guide we will help you give you the best aerial yoga hammock recommendations so that you can find the best aerial yoga hammock for you.

Material and quality:
When choosing an aerial yoga hammock, the material is of utmost importance. High-quality materials such as nylon are durable, easy to clean and provide the necessary strength and stretch for safe use. So make sure that your aerial yoga hammock is made of nylon and not cheap polyester. The latter tends to cut in and is less stable. That's why your aerial yoga practice isn't nearly as fun or can even cause you pain. Material made from parachute silk should also be avoided. This crackles a lot and usually doesn't have the necessary width.

Load capacity and weight limit:
Every aerial yoga hammock has a maximum weight limit. Make sure the hammock you choose can support at least 250 KG. Why do you wonder so much? It is advisable to choose a yoga hammock that has a weight limit higher than your own weight to ensure additional safety. Our aerial yoga hammocks therefore have a load capacity of 500 kg.

Length of the hammock:
The length of the aerial yoga hammock is crucial for the versatility of your aerial yoga exercises. As aerial yoga teachers, we have tried a lot. A hammock length of 4 meters has proven to be optimal. A shorter scarf limits your ability to do exercises. A longer one is much more cumbersome and heavier to handle and at normal room heights there is always a lot of material dangling in front of your face. It is therefore better to work with additional accessories such as a daisy chain, for example to extend the hammock. With a hammock length of 4 meters, it is also easier for you to hang the hammock on the ceiling.

Width of the hammock:
In addition to the length, the width of the aerial yoga hammock is also important for your practice. Only an extra-wide hammock offers you the space and flexibility to do all the exercises in the yoga hammock. Ideally, the hammock should be around 2.8 meters wide. This ensures enough material for a variety of movements, including acrobatic aerial yoga asanas such as the aerial vampire or relaxation poses such as cocooning.

Suspension system:
Make sure that the aerial yoga hammock comes with a reliable hanging system. A quality suspension system that is easy to install while providing stability is essential. Daisy chains allow you to adjust the height of the scarf to suit your individual needs. The carabiners should not have any sharp edges so that you do not damage the hammock. Our accessory set is specially designed for aerial yoga hammocks and has been tested for breaking load. So please always safety first, instead of cheap!

Brand Reputation and Reviews:
Look for reputable aerial yoga brands that specialize in aerial yoga equipment. It's best to buy from companies that teach aerial yoga themselves and know exactly what's important. Because it's not just a piece of fabric. Read customer reviews and experiences to make sure the hammock you choose meets your expectations. A good brand reputation is often an indication of quality, longevity and reliability. Also make sure that there is customer service that can answer your remaining questions.

Freedom from pollutants:
The fact that the aerial yoga hammock is free of harmful substances is also important for your own health and those who produce your aerial yoga hammock. Make sure the hammock is free of harmful chemicals or allergy-causing substances. Our aerial yoga hammocks are all tested and manufactured fairly and REACH-compliant. They are absolutely odorless. Our aerial yoga hammock are therefore particularly suitable for children.

Care instructions:
Follow the manufacturer's care instructions to ensure the longevity of your aerial yoga hammock. Some hammocks are machine washable, while others should only be cleaned by hand. Keep this in mind to ensure the service life and long-lasting enjoyment of your yoga hammock. Our aerial yoga hammocks can be washed in the washing machine without any loss of quality or color. Since your aerial yoga hammock is a piece of sports equipment that comes into contact with hands, feet and sweat, you can ensure a hygienic, fresh experience by washing it regularly.

Color selection:
The color of your aerial yoga hammock can have an impact on your mood during your practice. Choose a color that gives you a feeling of calm, balance and inspiration. Muted colors such as blue, green or purple can have a calming effect, while bolder colors such as red or orange can have an energizing effect. In our shop you will find a short color note for each hammock color. In addition to personal preference, you should also consider the environment in which you practice so that it fits harmoniously into your space.

In keeping with an eco-conscious lifestyle, it makes sense to look for sustainable aerial yoga hammock options. Manufacturers committed to environmentally friendly materials, production processes and packaging can be a good choice. A sustainable aerial yoga hammock is not only good for the environment, but also for your conscience. Invest in a product that not only meets your needs, but also makes a positive contribution to preserving our planet. Read more about Yogalaxy's sustainable approach here.

Set a realistic budget for your aerial yoga hammock. There are models for different price ranges, but invest in a high-quality yoga hammock that ensures safety and durability. And remember that if you buy cheap, you often buy twice.

Choosing the right aerial yoga hammock is crucial for a safe and enriching aerial yoga experience. By taking the above criteria into account, you can ensure that your shawl meets the requirements and allows you to fully enjoy the fascinating world of aerial yoga.

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