At what distance should you hang your aerial yoga hammock?

Your questions are important to us, and one of the most common customer inquiries is about the ideal distance between the ceiling hooks for attaching your aerial yoga hammock to the ceiling. Because the correct placement of the swing hooks on the ceiling is crucial for your safe and comfortable aerial yoga experience:

Aerial Yoga Cloth Suspension Distance Explained - Yogalaxy Step 1: Safety first
Before we get to the distance, let's remind you how important it is to install the hooks safely and according to the manufacturer's instructions. Your safety is always top priority!

Step 2: The ideal distance from the ceiling - your shoulder width
The optimal distance between the hooks is approximately the width of your shoulders (35-50cm). The closer the hooks are together, the more enclosed you feel in the hammock. The further apart the hooks are, the easier it is for you to get into the aerial yoga hammock. Our recommendation is the golden mean, namely your shoulder width. This setting not only provides stability, but also allows for a comfortable and safe aerial yoga experience.

Step 3: Choosing the right Hooks
If you want to hang your aerial yoga hammock on a ceiling, you will need two sturdy ceiling hooks and two suitable dowels. You can get these very cheaply at any hardware store - make sure they are 160 mm long and over 10 mm in diameter. We also recommend that you choose hooks with a safety bar (see below).

Aerial yoga swing hook from the hardware store - Yogalaxy
Step 4: Choosing the right aerial yoga hammock accessories
To attach the aerial yoga hammock to the hook you will need 2 o-slings, 2 carabiners and possibly 2 daisy chains. Use the o-slings to attach the hammock to the hooks and attach the carabiners and/or daisy chains. This allows you to adjust the height of the hammock to your individual needs.

Optional: Setup in the garden or on a free beam
If you want to hang your aerial yoga hammock in the garden or on a free beam, you can use the daisy chains included in our accessory set. If you want to wrap a very high branch, we recommend so-called cargo slings (truck or tension straps). You can wrap this around the tree or beam and then attach the hammock using carabiners and/or daisy chains. Make sure that our accessory materials do not rub against the beam or branch. If necessary, use a piece of fabric underneath to protect your accessory materials.

Tension strap for high attachment of an aerial yoga cloth - Yogalaxy

The costs for the hooks from the hardware store are between 3 and 10 euros. Please note that the hooks and dowels are not included with your aerial yoga hammock cloth, as each of you has different attachment options at home. Remember that your safety always comes first. Please make sure that the attachment is stable, that the hooks can withstand the load and that the o-slings, daisy chains and carabiners are attached correctly.

If you have any further questions, we will of course be happy to help you. If you don't own an aerial yoga hammock yet, you can order it in our shop and choose from many beautiful colors. Have fun with the flying aerial yoga experience!