How to tie your Aerial Yoga hammock:

Binden des Aerial Yoga Tuches

  1. Fold the hammock so that the cutting edges of the fabric ends lie evenly on top of each other. In other words, bundle the short sides of the hammock together like an accordion.
  2. Wrap a binding loop twice around each gathered end of the hammock (so-called Prusik knot, see series of pictures).
  3. TIP: Start at one end of the fabric. Attach both slings next to each other, using the described account technique.
  4. Then pull one sling over to the other end of the fabric. This way you can assume that the fabric is tied evenly.
  5. For safety reasons, leave at least 15 cm of fabric hanging out of the binding loops.
  6. Now tighten the round slings really well.
  7. Then, use carabiners and daisy chains to hang the sling from the swing hooks in the ceiling.
  8. RECOMMENDATION: The swing hooks should be placed with a distance of about 35-50 cm (shoulder width). This way the swing hooks give the direction of the swing.

How to hang your aerial yoga hammock on anchor hooks:

Aerial Yoga Tuch Aufhängung

These distances are reasonable:


Abstände Aerial Yoga Tuch