Aerial Yoga Hammock - How high to hang?

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or already have experience with aerial yoga, the correct height adjustment of your aerial yoga hammock plays an important role in a safe and beautiful aerial yoga practice. In this article we give you recommendations for different height settings that you should try out.

Recommendation 1: Hip-high adjustment of the aerial yoga hammock

For most aerial yoga exercises, the hammock is adjusted to your individual hip height, i.e. approx. 60 - 90 cm above the ground. This allows you to do a variety of exercises, as well as the ever-popular inversion poses where you dangle upside down in the aerial yoga hammock. When set at hip height, you hang in an inverted position with your head approx. 10 cm above the ground. Getting into the aerial yoga hammock is also easy, and you can easily get into all the exercises without jumping or using a small stool. The hip-high setting gives you the most options for aerial yoga asanas, flows and sequences.

Instructions for the hip-high adjustment of the aerial yoga hammock:

  1. Grip your aerial yoga hammock hip-width.
  2. Come on tiptoes.
  3. Press the cloth down.
  4. Adjust your aerial yoga hammock to this height.

Hip-high adjustment of the aerial yoga cloth - Yogalaxy

Recommendation 2: Floor depth setting of the aerial yoga hammock for “low aerial yoga”

For “Low Aerial Yoga” the hammock is positioned closer to the ground, i.e. approx. 15-30 cm above the ground. Floor-to-ceiling settings can be particularly suitable for beginners or those with limited mobility, as well as for aerial yin yoga. Typically, with the floor-level setting, you remain with parts of your body on the ground and do not lift off completely, as with the waist-high setting.

Both variants have their advantages. In our yoga studio we usually choose the waist-high setting because our yogis particularly love free floating and these settings offer the most options for aerial yoga asanas, flows and also acrobatic exercises.

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