Aerial yoga hammocks

Aerial yoga hammocks for your home and studios

The original aerial yoga hammock from Yogalaxy lets you experience yoga in a new, weightless dimension. Choose your favorite color and then the matching aerial yoga accessories:

The Aerial Yoga hammock - A floating yoga experience!

Our aerial yoga hammock is much more than just an ordinary piece of fabric. It is a versatile sports and relaxation hammock that will delight the whole family, regardless of age. With our aerial yoga hammock you can enter the fascinating world of inversion postures, aerial yoga, fitness, Pilates, core training, calisthenics, full body training, just swinging, hanging and unhooking, aerial hammock floating, relaxing, power napping, massage Immerse yourself in the aerial yoga hammock, wellness and functional suspension training. Aerial yoga, also known as flying yoga, is a unique practice that combines elements of yoga, dance and circus acrobatics.

Our aerial yoga hammock is reminiscent of the hammock material you find in the circus or on theater stages. The Aerial Yoga Hammock is suspended from two points from the ceiling or a tree, forming a narrow U-shape that offers an incredible range of possibilities.
With our aerial yoga hammock you can easily improve mobility, strength, coordination, flexibility and balance to strengthen and stabilize your entire body. Reversal postures are particularly easy with the aerial yoga hammock and relieve the strain on the spine, help relieve tension, get rid of back pain and strengthen the cardiovascular system. The gentle rocking of the aerial yoga hammock has a pain-relieving and calming effect. Your aerial yoga hammock can also be used for short breaks, meditation or relaxation. It offers a wide range of uses and promotes physical and mental health.

Our aerial yoga hammocks are of the highest quality and specifically designed to provide you with a safe and comfortable aerial yoga experience. The fabric that makes up our Aerial Yoga Hammock is comparable to the material used in professional performances. It is made of 100% nylon and is characterized by its lightness and high load-bearing capacity. The aerial yoga hammock material is extremely safe, cross-elastic, non-slip and anti-static. In addition, our aerial yoga hammocks are washable at 30 degrees and have passed certification for a maximum load capacity of 500 kg. We advise against using cotton aerial yoga hammocks as they simply do not have the load-bearing capacity and longevity.

If you order our aerial yoga hammock and accessories, you will receive a ready-to-use yoga hammock. The accessory set contains the aerial yoga hammock measuring 4 m x 2.8 m, 2 daisy chains for height adjustment and 2 climbing-tested carabiners.

The aerial yoga hammock is not only suitable for experienced aerial yogis, but also for beginners who want to explore the world of flying yoga. Children love the playful component of aerial yoga and find the hammock an exciting adventure, but also a place to retreat. That's why the aerial yoga hammock is also called a therapy swing.

If you have any questions about the aerial yoga hammock or need further information, do not hesitate to email us: We are enthusiastic aerial yoga teachers and are happy to support and enrich your journey with the aerial yoga hammock. Discover the freedom of aerial yoga with our aerial yoga hammock and experience the unique combination of sport, relaxation and fun in the air. Your yoga practice will never be the same again – Aerial Yoga teachers’ word of honor!

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