Aerial Yoga Praxis Frau in Pink

  1. The feeling of anti-gravity that spreads within the Aerial Yoga hammock is so beautiful that you should haveve felt it at least once.
  2. Your nervous and lymphatic systems will be more than grateful. The Aerial Yoga exercises in the hammock have a harmonizing effect on body, mind and soul and are also effective stress relievers.
  3. Due to the acupressure effect of the Aerial Yoga cloth, your fasciae are automatically massaged. So, you can skip the workout with the fascia roller with a good conscience.
  4. A nice side effect: The whole body, especially the core, is being trained. And this happens without boring crunches or sit-ups, but with a lot of fun and playful Aerial Yoga asanas.
  5. The swaying movement trains your balance and your feeling of playing with gravity at the same time.
  6. Our everyday life in the western world is often serious and performance-oriented. It's time to get in touch with your inner child and shift the focus to lightness, relaxation and having fun.
  7. The wonderful moment of relaxation when lying in your Aerial Yoga hammock after practice. Simply the priceless feeling you get when you have gathered the courage for your first lesson and are really proud of yourself.